Functions for running async processes on Swift Collections


Run an async function on every element of a Sequence.

await array.asyncForEach {
    await asyncProcess($0)

The async closures are run serially ie the closure run on the current element of a sequence has to finish before we run the closure on the next element.

To run the closures concurrently use

try await array.concurrentForEach {
    try await asyncProcess($0)


Return an array transformed by an async function.

let result = await array.asyncMap {
    return await asyncTransform($0)

Similar to asyncForEach there is a concurrentMap as well which will run the closures concurrently.


Use a TaskQueue to manage the number of concurrent tasks when processing a large sequence.

let queue = TaskQueue<Int>(maxConcurrentTasks: 8)
let result = try await array.concurrentMap { value -> Int in
    try await queue.add {
        return await asyncTransform(value)


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