Geofencing using CoreLocation and Mapkit

Built using SwiftUI 5.6

How to Run

The project uses a custom location

latitude: -37.81785423438109, longitude: 144.97973738630145 The geofence region is set to these coordinates and the custome device location should also refer to the same. The Notification triggers when device is locked after updating the location or application is in background

Implementation decision and trade-offs

  • Built using Newest SwiftUI 5.6 and Xcode 13.4
  • Some of the inbuilt methods like calculating distance is changed
  • Due to that could not able to add distance in meters
  • This project does not use any 3rd party libraries.

Project Architectural design

  • Project is build using MVVM model
  • To reduce complexity
  • added more reactive programming with less code
  • easy to debug code

Area of Focus

  • Built with SwiftUI(declarative approach)
  • Because of SwiftUI app does not need AutoLayout
  • It runs identical on all screen devices
  • User can see Geofence boundries on screen
  • Built on native libraries
  • lighweight code


Time Spent

  • total 2 Hours spent


  • I have tried to implement back to current location but it did not worked.
  • Due to time constraint I could not do much with this app.
  • For eg. Add custom regions, change map tiles, draw navigation route from region to user location and so on


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