App Overview

The app is comprised of 3 view controllers embedded inside a navigationViewController.

The first is a UICollectionViewController which displays 7 buttons to the user:

All Characters

The second is a UITableViewController. When the user taps a button from the main screen the app shows the user a list of characters from the catagory for which then have chosen

The third is a UIViewController which contains a UIStackView with six UILables in it which display the character details.

Personal Thoughts

I had never used Alamofire or cocoapods before, although I had heard of both and knew what they were. But overall I found it fairly easy to work with as a technology. But I image I have literally only scratched the surface of what its capable of.

The three fetch data functions in the HomeViewController could be refactored into a single function, passing it with arguments to get the desired data back from it.

The house sorting code could also be moved out of fetchAllCharacterData() and into its own function, although it may not be anymore efficent, it would give the code better structure and look alot better.

Finally, there is alot of duplicate data. You could probably get away with one array of characters, create a sorting function which iterates through the allCharacters array and passes that data to the detailsViewController showing the user the filtered data that they require, be it either students, staff or house data.



Dependency Management



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