This iOS App calculates the weight and balance for CBP P-3 Orion aircraft.
The app is available on the Apple App Store.
Use this search: “P3 W&B”


  1. Core Data to save typical flight profiles
  2. User can choose between an LRT or AEW aircraft configuration
  3. If maximum Zero Fuel Weight or Gross Weight is exceeded the user is alerted via changing text color.

How to Use

  1. Select either LRT or AEW from the bottom tab
  2. Select the Aircraft tail number from the button
  3. Enter aircraft Basic Weight and Moment
  4. Enter all applicable weights by position
  5. Zero Fuel Weight, Gross Weight and CG are calculated automatically!
  6. Select the flight profile for the flight
  7. Save the flight’s information if needed!

Features I would like to Add:

  • The ability to select a saved flight profile, then have that flight’s data loaded into the applicable screen (LRT or AEW) so the user can easily modify a saved flight. Basically, incorporate update functions of Core Data into the app.


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