IOS Swift : Explain Higher-order Function Examples

1. Map
2. compactMap
3. flatMap // deprecated
4. filter
5. reduce
6. forEach
7. contains
8. removeAll
9. sorted
10. split

Short Definition

* Map
This function performs an process on all the elements and returns a new collection with the results of the proces on the original elements.
* compactMap
Function is similar to map with this difference -> the result array does not contain any nil values.
* faltMap
Is useful when there are collections inside collections But -> it’s “ Deprecated “
* Filter
It's purpose is to filter the elements of a collection based on a condition and produce a new one containing only those elements that satisfy the condition.
* Reduce
Produce one value from the values of all elements in a collection. 
* forEach
It provides a closure that implements the custom logic. 
* Contains
Check if there are elements that satisfy a certain condition and it returns a boolean value. 
* removeAll
Similar to [ contains ] when it’s necessary to remove collection elements based on conditions that regard the actual element values.
* Sorted
Data in ascending order is easy in Swift using the sorted().
* Split
Used with String values and its purpose is to split a string into pieces based on a given condition. The result is an array of substrings.


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