CatBooth is an iOS application oriented toward the following patterns:

✅ VIPER Architecture

✅ Protocol Oriented

✅ Functional Programming

✅ Clean Code

✅ Dependency Injection

✅ Unit Tests

✅ Snapshot Tests

It’s based on a GET api and built over a UICollectionView and detailed UITableView. The Design was inpired from Instagram


  1. This project uses CocoaPods, so to be able to run it execute the command pod install on the root of the project where the Podfile is located.
  2. Open CatBooth.xcworkspace file, run it on the simulator and enjoy the amazing Cat As A Service API.

Current Features (v1.0)

  • Cat stories listing based on api/tags response.
  • Cat pictures and tag listing based on api/cats response.
  • Simple tap will display the picture on a larger view.
  • Long tap to share the picture with other applications.

Feel free to fork and implement more features to it.


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