libopus bindings for Swift

Platform Support

This package should work on any platform that supports Swift. The only prerequisite is that you need libopus installed to your system. Use your package manager to install that.


In your Package.swift, add the repository to your dependencies.

dependencies: [
    .package(url: "https://github.com/SketchMaster2001/Opus", .branch("master"))
targets: [
    name: "yourswiftexecutablehere",
    dependencies: ["Opus"]

Now you can import Opus and use it in your code.

import Opus

// Create encoder.
// We specify a sample rate of 48k, bitrate of 128k and 2 channels as this is what Discord expects.
// Change according to whatever purpose suits you.
let encoder = try! OpusEncoder(sampleRate: 48000, channels: 2, bitrate: 128000)

// The encoder takes either a Data object or UInt8 array.
let encoded: Data = encoder.encode(data)


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