Swift Graph Store

This is a library for reading from/writing to the Urbit GraphStore via the Swift airlock, UrsusHTTP.

DISCLAIMER: This is a wildly incomplete work in progress. It’s available here for reference only.

The basic architecture is in place, but this uses an extremely limited set of Graph Store pokes and peeks.
And I have only really tested this against a small number of JSON playloads. Anything unexpected and it will probably crash.

Therefore, don’t use this in anything important until this disclaimer is gone.

For Further Information

Graph Store docs can be found here.

Also here.

Although the most accurate up-to-date information is in %landscape/app/graph-store.hoon

Graph Store runs on gall. Please peruse the Gall Guide for details about that.


Best way to get a hold of me with questions is to DM me: ~ribben-donnyl


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