Library that makes it easy to create multiple environments within a single app. You can switch environments without deleting the application.

This is useful when you want to test multiple accounts in a staging application.


Create New Container

let container = try AppContainer.shared.createNewContainer(name: "Debug1")

Get Container List

let containers: [Container] = AppContainer.shared.containers

Get Active Container

let activeContainer: Container? = AppContainer.shared.activeContainer

Activate Contrainer

restart app required.

try AppContainer.shared.activate(container: container)
try AppContainer.shared.activateContainer(uuid: uuid)

Delete Container

try AppContainer.shared.delete(container: container)
try AppContainer.shared.deleteContainer(uuid: uuid)

Clean Container

try AppContainer.shared.clean(container: container)
try AppContainer.shared.cleanContainer(uuid: uuid)


try AppContainer.shared.reset()


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