UI factors UI 요소

Making photos in circle & border size and color changing (Button에 테두리 및 둥글게 추가)

UISwitch – changing background color with setting cornerRadius (스위치 배경 색상 변경 – 회색) SwitchBtn.backgroundColor = .lightGray SwitchBtn.layer.cornerRadius = 16

Autolayout – You can see similar iPhone UI even if it is changed as iPhone SE, 8 plus, 13 Pro Max , etc. (오토레이아웃 적용)

Action factors 액션 관련

Keyboard up and down with Tap Gesture Regonizer & button clicked (텍스트필드 외 배경 탭 경우 & 회원가입 버튼 키보드 내려감)

The 4 photos background images are changed when clicking ‘Play’ button. (재생 버튼 클릭시 배경 랜덤 변경)

Dont’t show the password textfield (패스워드창 암호화 적용) passwordtxtField.isSecureTextEntry = true

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