Air Quality Monitoring Application

Swift project with JSON parsing using codable

About the application

The app consists of live realtime data from the weather report api connection. If a user clicks a particular city he is redirected to a graph page where se can see live data in animating forms.


Xcode : 12+
SDK: iOS 14.0
Cocoapods : Yes
Architecture: MVVM

Feature done

  1. Splash screen with label
  2. Table view with data comign in live.
  3. Application is connected to web sockets and the ui is updating every 30 sec.
  4. If a user selects a city then he can see the live data on a graph.
  5. Simply run the xcode project no special instructions, sending the agent


  1. Assumes iOS 13 + iPhone Support ONLY. Not backwards comaptible.


  1. More unit tests for better code coverage.
  2. Negative unit tests to check edge cases.


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