Official repository for the Torat Shraga app

What is this repository?

This is where all code written for the Torat Shraga iOS app is kept.

What does the app do?

The app is targeted towards Torat Shraga alumi, as a way for students to keep in touch with the Yeshiva.
Pictures, news, and recorded shiurim are all available here, allowing students to stay in the loop.

Why did you create this app?

One of the rebbeim in Yeshiva came up with this idea and asked us if we can make it a reality.
We told him that we’d love an opportunity to give back to the Yeshiva and that we’re glad to help.

I was looking through your code and I found something that I really liked. Can I copy it?

That’s a good question. We have not yet decided on what licence to use for this repository,
but if you shoot us an email, I’m sure we can work it out.

Oh my goodness, I am so blown away by this repository that I am filled with an irresistible urge to hire you on the spot. How can I contact you?

We are reachable through email.

  • David Reese: david@reesedevelopment•com
  • Benji Tusk: benjitusk1@gmail•com


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