Package to connect into PoliMi Online Services using university OAuth IdP and get pages HTML ready from scraping. The package manages login and logout procedures, saves tokens and perform auto refresh of token when needed Note: Scraping library is alredy included in the package (SwiftSoup: https://github.com/scinfu/SwiftSoup)


The package has to be initialized into AppDelegate into application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions method using:


This is needed to initialize the package and also to perform OAuth token refresh automatically if a user is alredy logged in In order to receive update on authentication status you can implement PoliSelfOAuthClientStatusManagerDelegate, for example

class MyClass {
    PoliSelfOAuthClient.shared.registerForStatusUpdate(statusManagerDelegate: self)


extension MyClass: PoliSelfOAuthClientStatusManagerDelegate {
  public func onStatusUpdate(appStatus: AccountStatus) {
        // Your status management here

The login view with PoliMi is already embedded into the package, to start a new login use:

PoliSelfOAuthClient.shared.poliSelfLogin { result in
    //result:Bool true if successfully authenticated

In the same way you can perform logout (no result are given back)


Finally, to get the HTML content from a poliSelf page use the following function:

PoliSelfOAuthClient.shared.getServicePage(service: .carriera) { result, url, htmlString in
  // result: Bool -> True if completed successfully
  // url: URL? -> Optional value, contains the url of the page when result is success
  // htmlString: String -> Optional value, contains the HTML code of the page ready for scraping (or load into a WebView).


All this function and variable are available in the shared instance

(get) var accessToken: String?
(get) var var isUserLogged: Bool

func initialize() -> Void
func registerForStatusUpdate(_ observer: PoliSelfOAuthClientStatusManagerDelegate) -> Void
func poliSelfLogin(completionHandler: @escaping (_ result: Bool)->()) -> Void
func logout() -> Void
func getServicePage(service: PoliSelfService.Service, completionHandler: @escaping (_ result: Bool, _ url: URL?, _ htmlString: String?)->()) -> Void
func reconstructPoliSession(completionHandler: @escaping (_ result: Bool, _ cookies: [HTTPCookie]?)->()) -> Void
func getPoliCookies() -> [HTTPCookie]?

Cookie management

Once the PoliMi Online Service session has been reconstructed from the OAuth provider the session cookies can be extracted. If you are using package function this operation is not needed bacuse it is managed from the package itself. If, instead, you need to load the HTML on a WebView or you need to load directly a service on a WebView you may need to inject cookies to keep the user authenticated. At this scope you can get all cookies from PoliSelfOAuthClient as follow:


Remember that the returned value is an optional, so you have to check if cookies are available or not. If the function returns nil, you can rebuilt the session using:

PoliSelfOAuthClient.shared.reconstructPoliSession { result, cookies in


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