Managing pentest projects is a painful task, it often leads to files and folders on your desktop long to be forgotten about.

I originally had a project management script in python that would create my notes file and project folders. In an effort to lean and use more swift, I decided to port it over to swift and add in the ability to zip up the project folder.


You’ll need a folder at ~/Documents/Projects and Swift 5. There is also a check to make sure that your on macOS 10.11 or newer.


After you clone this project.

cd pjmgmt
swift build --configuration release
cp -f .build/release/pjmgmt /usr/local/bin/pjmgmt


After compiling and installing the program, you can now run pjmgmt to manage your project folder.

% pjmgmt
Error: Missing expected argument '<id>'

USAGE: project <id> [--archive]

  <id>                    project identifier

  --archive               archive project
  -h, --help              Show help information.

What do you get

The script makes the following folders

  • Documents I tend to use this for any relevant documents that I may have been given by the client.
  • Logs I typically save my nmap scans and/or burp project here.
  • Reporting I use this folder to keep all the itterations of the final report.
  • Screenshots All good pentests have screenshots.

Because org-mode is the best, it also makes an notes.org file.


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