RCDCamera : Remote Color Depth Camera

Simple iOS remote camera app to send color and depth images that can be received by the socket, without any 3rd-party dependencies. It is implemented to replace Intel RealSense for my personal usage.

Dependencies and requirements


2 mode is available, RGBD and RGB. You can switch to each other in runtime.

  • RGBD

    • Send color and depth image to socket.
    • Intrinsic matrix viewer
    • Current fov viewer
    • Current color templerature viewer
  • RGB

    • Send color image only to socket.
    • Manual ISO and exposure controller
    • Manual color gain controller


Device's IP address is required to get images. RCDCamera uses port 12345 by default.

  • RGB image : Send UTF-8 encoded "rgb" string to the address, PNG image itself will be returned.
  • Depth image(in RGBD mode only) : Send UTF-8 encoded "depth" string to the address, binary of the depth ARRAY will be returned. You have to convert it to an image in some way.

Note that UTF-8 encoded __TAIL_TAIL_TAIL__ is added to the end of the data in both mode. It can be used to separate images/data from received binary.

Please refer client_example.py for example. It receives color or depth image from the connected socket.

  1. Check IP address of your device and run application.
  2. Set IP address as device's in client_example.py and run script. It may requires few dependencies.


RGBD mode


RGB mode