When the Tamagotchi was released in 1996, it introduced a generation of kids to a new form of companionship; that of a digital pet.
We hope to pay homage to this retro innovation with our app, Brogatchi. With the pandemic looming over us all, we at team BroZ wanted to
make something to brighten your day. Brogatchi lets you choose your new best friend, and have fun participating in various activities with them, like eating,
resting, and most importantly, getting swole. Be careful not to do the same thing for too long! Boredom can strike fast, and you may see a drop in happiness.
Best of luck to raising your new pet!


Blake Branvold, Nazrin Nazarudin, Ian Gregory, and Ryan Thomas

This is our entry for spring CORNHACKS 2022

Made with Swift in Xcode
Optimized for iPhone 13 or similar sizes


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