RingProgressViewStyle is a library that adds a ring style to SwiftUI’s ProgressViewStyle. The default apperance is based on the .linear style of ProgressViewStyle, but you can customize colors and a stroke style.


Example.swiftpm can be opened in Swift Playgrounds app or Xcode.



The .circular style already exists in ProgressViewStyle, but it’s just an indicator, not a progress bar. So basically, you have to implement that by yourself.

Fortunately, if you google “SwiftUI progress ring”, you can find a number of code examples. Almost all of them looks like:

    .trim(from: 0, to: value)

However, when you try to specify its size by .frame(width: ..., height: ...), its stroke line overflows its frame.

To prevent this, I often use strokeBorder instead of stroke.

    .trim(from: 0, to: value)

But it occurs a compilation error because trim returns some Shape that doesn’t conform to InsettableShape but strokeBorder is a method of InsettableShape.

So I created a solution.

How to Use

Add this repository to your package dependencies in your app.

Supported Platforms

  • iOS 14+
  • iPadOS 14+
  • macOS 11+


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