• Clone this repo & the original repo
  • Open Bonjourr Startpage.xcodeproj in Xcode (version >13.0)
  • Copy manifest-safari.json from original repo and rename manifest.json

In Safari

  • Safari > Preferences > Advanced tab
  • Show Develop menu in menu bar
  • Develop > Allow Unsigned Extensions

If Extension Ressources are missing

  • In Bonjourr Startpage > Bonjourr Startpage Extension > Ressources
  • Add Files to “Bonjourr Startpage Ext…
  • Select: index.html settings.html /src/ /locales/ & manifest.json
  • Check only Create folder references & Add to targets “Bonj… Extension” (should be default)

Features not working

  • Bookmarks import (browser.bookmarks still not available on safari webExtension API)
  • Settings synchronisation (settings saves in local but doesn’t save on cloud)
  • Something not listed here ? Open an issue on the main repo !


  • Localization for App window
  • Fix popup removal styling bug
  • Geolocation prompt or no geolocation by default ?
  • Replace auto-generated app-icon & AccentColor


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