Animations in Design System

The project presents a sample way of integrating animations into a
design system for iOS developers.

Project setup

A sample fake library containing a design system is located in DesignSystem folder.
This project does not contain any dependencies and does not require additional setup.
The project was created and tested with Xcode 12.5.1.


This solution is focused on implementing animations as components of a design system, i.e.
as something to be constantly reused to introduce consistency into your app. In this sense,
animations are a part of a design system the same way views are.

We propose adding 2 new kinds of components into a Design System:

  • Atomic animations — very simple animations operating on a single view with very
    limited configuration (via parameters such as duration). These offer preset behavior, i.e. one should not change what an atomic animation does, ColorAnimation only changes backgroundColor,
    and has unmodifiable timing curve.
  • Interactions — a composition of animations which are triggered upon a predefined event. Example: ControlHighlightInteraction is used for adding highlight animations for any
    UIControl in a certain way.

The APIs were designed with a big team in mind, where not every designer and developer is at
all keen on implementing UI Animations or is proficient enough to make them. This sample
project offers a tool to greatly simplify system APIs such as UIViewPropertyAnimator and
to reuse a given set of atomic animations everywhere in an app.


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