RealityPlacer is a true augmented reality app which harness all powerful features provided by ARKit and RealityKit.


  1. People Occulusion
  2. Object Occulusion
  3. LIDAR Support
  4. Multi User Support
  5. Save and view later scene
  6. Fetches models from Firebase
  7. Capture your scenes

This app is currently in progress. Here’s my progress;


  1. Object Occulusion doesnt work


  1. Make multi user work
  2. Make screenshot button work
  3. Make delete button work

The project is built using Swift and uses Apple’s latest swift APIs.

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Demo Video

Will be added soon

App’s UI/UX ?

iPhone’s UI

Will be added soon

Who Can Contribute? ??‍?

  • Anyone of all skill levels can contribute to this repo
  • Please check all issues that are labelled as Changes
  • Some issues are labeled as good-first-issue these are great for beginners to get involved

Before working on an issue please leave a comment and you will be assigned

Getting Started ?

  • Fork the project

  • Open your forked project in GitHub and click on the green <>Code button.

  • Copy the HTTPS or SSH link and open your Terminal / Git Bash.

    git clone <the link>
  • Run project (to ensure everything works)

  • Checkout a new branch to work on an issue:

    git checkout -b name-of-issue-ticketNumber
  • Once you’ve finished coding / working on an Issue, you can open a new PR

    git add . 
    git commit -m “Description of what was sorted”
    git push origin name-of-issue-ticketNumber
  • Open the project on GitHub and raise to master branch on the repo


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