This is a logging backend for SwiftLog that sends messages to a Matrix channel of your choice.

Inspired by LoggingTelegram.


Add the package as a dependency to your manifest file:

.package(url: "https://github.com/kiliankoe/swift-log-matrix.git", from: <#current#>)

Don’t forget to list it as a dependency of your target as well:

.product(name: "LoggingMatrix", package: "swift-log-matrix"),


import Logging
import LoggingMatrix

LoggingSystem.bootstrap { label in
        // Default stdout logger
        StreamLogHandler.standardOutput(label: label),
            label: label,
            homeserver: URL(string: "<#Homeserver URL#>")!,
            roomID: "<#Room ID#>",
            accessToken: "<#Access Token#>"

You need three things to configure the Matrix logger to be able to send messages, your homeserver URL (for example https://matrix.org), a room ID (of the format !xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:homeserver.tld) and an access token.

The room ID can be found in the room settings of most clients, the access token in the account settings (in Element it’s under Settings > Help & About > Advanced).

The log level defaults to only send critical logs to Matrix, feel free to set that to whatever works best for your use-case, but it’s recommended to not send too many logs to your homeserver, especially if you’re not running it yourself.

Now you can just log messages as usual!

logger.debug("Some debug message")
logger.error("Oh no, an error occurred!", metadata: ["important context": "some value here"])


⚠️ Please be aware that messages are not sent using Matrix’ end-to-end encryption, they are being sent unencrypted.


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