SIWE-Swift – A lightweight SIWE (Sign-In With Ethereum) Library for your Server-Side Swift Application

SIWE-Swift helps you integrate Web3 authentication (MetaMask, WalletConnect, any other wallet which supports EIP-4361) into your Web app. Smart contracts (EIP-1271) are not supported, as it would require interacting with the network


This is a light version of elegant library web3.swift to only validate and verify SIWE messages for your Server-Side Swift application.

Usage example

Add it to your App:

.package(url: "", from: "0.0.1"),

import with

import SIWE

// MARK: SIWEVerifier initialisation
let siweVerifier = SIWEVerifier.init(network: 1)

Use with your Vapor app:

        let signedMessage = try req.content.decode(SignedMessage.self)

        let message = try SIWEMessage.init(signedMessage.message)
        guard user.nonce == Int(message.nonce) &&
                user.address == message.address &&
                domain == message.domain
                else { throw Abort(.unauthorized, reason: "Nice try") }
        // MARK: Update nonce after successful login
        if try await siweVerifier.verify(message: message, against: signedMessage.signature) {
            user.nonce = Int.random(in: 10000000 ... 99999999)
            try await req.db)
            return Response(status: .noContent)
  • Important: Nonce should be at least 8 alphabet letters or digits


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