Silent Rock app – to notify users when approaching silent rock.

Capstone Concept – Michelle Bodart

Team members none

Problem Statement #1

Silent Rock is a mound of rock en route to Mt. Hood on Hwy 26 just above Rhodedendron. When you pass Silent Rock, you must be absolutely silent. You have to stop talking, turn the radio off, and do whatever you can to remain silent when passing through the Rock.

If you are quiet and respect the Silent Rock, you will have a good day on the mountain. If you are not quiet, you will encounter unfortunate events and bad luck. Don’t test the power of the Rock.

If, like me, you ALWAYS forget where Silent Rock is on the dark early morning drive to Mt. Hood, and therefore risk the perils of disrespecting the Rock, this app will help you remember by sounding an alarm when you near the rock, as well as silencing your phone (not sure if this is actually possible).

Additionally, you will be able to track the number of times you and your passengers pass Silent Rock and compete on a global leaderboard of other Silent Rock app users.

MVP Feature Set

  1. Approaching Silent Rock warning
    • Press start and enable location services. The app will sound an alarm when you near silent rock
    • Even if your phone is locked or the app is closed it will still function
  2. Global leaderboard
    • Create a username to begin tracking your stats! The global leaderboard will show all users and the number of times they have passed Silent Rock
  3. Add friends to your trip
    • Add friends by their username to your trip once you start tracking, so their stats will be updated if your phone passes Silent Rock

Potential Additional Features

  1. Silencing any music playing in addition to sounding an alarm when you pass Silent Rock
  2. Turning on the microphone and recording any sound you make while in the vicinity of Silent Rock, and somehow displaying this on the leaderboard to publicly shame you and discourage you from making sound
  3. Deployment to the App store

Draft Technology Choices

  • Swift
  • Xcode
  • Python/flask/heroku for management of the leaderboard

Additional content, diagrams, wireframes, user flows, etc.



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