Do like Countries ?‍☠️

Simple iOS Project for search on Countries

The project contains 4 modules:

  • Core
  • Repository
    • Remote Repository
      • HTTPClient
  • App

The Core is a Domain module that only keeps pure entities and protocols.
The Repository acts like a brain that decide how to prepare data for the App module that right now only uses RemoteRepostirty module. Still, one of the future tasks is to add CacheRepository.

The App module is a presentation layer that has Module directory. The module here means feature module that any time you want, you can make it a separate module with minimum dependency to other classes or modules. For communicating between modules, use Router approach that brings the most of the class or concreates class from Github Repository


  • Draw Diagram for Architecture
  • Write UnitTest for module and app
  • Implement Caching for keep remote data
  • Impleemt Database for keep selected user data
  • Refactor CountryListViewModel – make better performance with by observer only on chaning data


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