Simple swift file that can run an on-disk dylib.

Leveraged code samples at https://stackoverflow.com/questions/34669958/swift-how-to-call-a-c-function-loaded-from-a-dylib.


  1. In RunDylib.swift edit the myhandle variable to include the path to the dylib you want to run.
  2. In RunDylib.swift edit the x variable to include the name of the function you want to invoke
  3. Note: I have a sleep(3) entry in the RunDylib.swift file that I added to ensure the program had enough time to complete before closing out…feel free to edit that as needed (or remove altogether if preferred)
  4. Save and build with: swiftc -o [binary_name] RunDylib.swift
  5. Run: ./[binary_name]



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