Simulate what web Editor has for handling media out side the editing area;

The idea is to have an Editing area which clips the media but not it’s border, so if media goes outside the EditingArea, it’s border still visible and can be selected and move back into editing area;

demo demo2

The structure of the views is as below:

  • The SelectionRectangle is a separate view;
  • The MediaView is a separate view;
  • SelectionRectangle and MediaView connect together via delegate (listener);
  • All the gestures (tap, move, scale …) goes through SelectionRectangle and it will decides when to pass this events to MediaView;
  • The screen contains two main view, one is MediaEditArea (which holds MediaView) and another is SelectionEditArea (which holds SelectionRectangle);
  • MediaEditArea clips all of it’s subView (clipToBounds = true);
  • SelectionEditArea does not clip any of it’s subView (clipToBounds = false);
  • SelectionEditArea has a clear background color;

shot1 shot2


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