Small app which lets user fetch marvel heroes and recruit them in their squad.

Use Case:

  • Characters (Heroes) List View (Collection View) with images and title.
  • Squad List View (When character is added to the squad)
  • When character is clicked, detail page is displayed with character details (title, description, image, recruit button)
  • Recruit Button – Clicking on button will add character to the squad, which user can remove by unclicking the button.

Tech Stack:

  • Language: Swift
  • Platform: iOS 15
  • UI: SwiftUI and UIKit (Project has both settings, just visit ContentView.swift and change the view type)
  • Networking: Combine + URLSession
  • Database: Core Data (To save squad recruits)
  • UI Design Pattern: Model View View-Model – Coordinator (MVVM-C) with Dependency Factory (For UIKit)
  • UI Binding: Combine
  • Unit Tests (for data driven components)
  • Depedency Injection with Factories
  • Collection Views (Compositional Layout), Collection View List Cells, Diffable Data Sources


UI is developed in both SwiftUI & UIKit due to insufficient knowledge on SwiftUI (still in learning though progressive phase).


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