Swift 5.5~



Unlike classes, actors allow only one task to access their mutable state at a time, which makes it safe for code in multiple tasks to interact with the same instance of an actor.

UIから参照するプロパティには @MainActor をつける

await MainActor.run { [weak self] in
    self?.xxxx = ooooo

@MainActor キーワードがついたプロパティをメインスレッドで変更するための記述

When you access a property or method of an actor, you use await to mark the potential suspension point

the actor allows only one task at a time to access its mutable state, if code from another task is already interacting with the logger, this code suspends while it waits to access the property.

In contrast, code that’s part of the actor doesn’t write await when accessing the actor’s properties.


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