Swift SDK For Integrating with Find on Flow in iOS Apps


  1. Look up FIND name and profile of currently logged in FCL user
  2. Look up FIND name and profile of any other address


  1. Edit/Update Profile
  2. Create Profile
  3. Lease/Register .FIND name
  4. FIND Marketplace integrations
  5. More Documentation

Getting Started


This is a Swift Package, and can be installed via Xcode with the URL of this repository.

.package(name: "FCL", url: "", from: "0.0.3")

Once installed in your Xcode project, the SDK will automatically be initilized on app load and can be imported to any file by adding import FindSwiftSDK to the top of the file. Using either fcl.authenticate() or fcl.unauthenticate() will automatically update the current users FIND Name & Profile.


Looking up another users FIND Name by Flow Address

let findName = find.reverseLookupFIND(address: '0x1234567890')

Looking up another users FIND Profile by Flow Address

let findProfile = find.reverseLookupProfile(address: '0x1234567890')

Using the current users FIND Name & Profile

Upon login the current users FIND Name & Profile will loaded into the find.profile variable.

public struct FINDProfile: Decodable, Hashable {
    public var findName: String
    public var name: String
    public var description: String
    public var tags: [String]
    public var avatar: String
    public var links: [String]

Since this is a @Published variable you can utlize directly inside SwiftUI as shown below.

if find.profile?.avatar != nil {
    AsyncImage(url: URL(string: find.profile?.avatar ?? ""), scale: 2) { image in
            .aspectRatio(contentMode: .fill)
    } placeholder: {
        .frame(width: 80, height: 80)
} else {
        .frame(width: 80, height: 80)
VStack(alignment: .leading) {
    Text(find.profile?.name ?? fclModel.address)
    Text("Some other info probably")


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