Symbl Swift SDK

Build and Test

Swift SDK to add symbl’s api cababilities to your iOS, iPad and Mac apps



Please use Swift Package Manager

Repository address: [email protected]:subodhjena/symbl-swift-sdk.git or


Follow the below steps

Initialize the SDK

let symbl = Symbl(accessToken: accessToken)

Implement the delegate to start receiving data, remember to implement the protocol methods, they receive all the conversation intellegence

class SymblDelegate: SymblRealtimeDelegate {
    func symblRealtimeConnected() { print("Connected") }
    func symblRealtimeDisonnected() { print("Disconncted")}
    func symblReceivedMessage(message: SymblMessage){ print("Message") }
    func symblReceivedMessageResponse(messageResponse:SymblMessageResponse) { print("MessageResponse") }
    func symblReceivedToipcResponse(topicResponse:SymblTopicResponse){ print("TopicResponse") }
    func symblReceivedActionItems(actionItems: [SymblInsight]) { print("Action Items") }
    func symblReceivedQuestions(questions: [SymblInsight]) { print("Questions") }
    func symblReceivedFollowUps(followUps: [SymblInsight]) { print("Follow ups") }

Initialize the realtime session

// Create the delegte to start receiving data
let symblRealtimeDelegate = SymblDelegate()

// Initialize the realtime streaming session
symbl.initializeRealtimeSession(meetingId: uniqueMeetingId, delegate: symblRealtimeDelegate)

// Connect the realtime streaming session

Start request

// Sample iOS request
// Pass in an instance of start request

symbl.realtimeSession.startRequest(startRequest: SymblStartRequest)

You can pass the audio chunks to streamAudio() function and start getting the analytics

symbl.realtimeSession.streamAudio(data: data)

Make sure to stop the connection before closing the streaming session



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