A wrapper around xcodebuild, agvtool, and other xcrun tools, built on top of Sh.


dependendies: [
.package(url: "", from: "0.1.0")


Create an Xcodebuild object, with the parameters that you need, for example Xcodebuild(scheme: "MySceme") and then call a method on it.

try Xcodebuild(scheme: "MySceme").test(.terminal)

To send the output to a log file

try Xcodebuild(scheme: "MySceme").test(.file("logs/test.log"))


Create an ExportOptionsPlist and call write to save it to a path on disk. exportArchive needs this path.

Perhaps your script looks something like this.

let exportOptionsPath = "/tmp/exportOptions.plist"
let plist = ExportOptionsPlist(distributionBundleIdentifier: "com.example.App")
try plist.write(to: exportOptionsPath)

let xcodeBuild = Xcodebuild(scheme: "MyScheme")
try xcodeBuild.archive(.file("logs/archive.log"), path: "products")
try xcodeBuild.exportArchive(.file("log/exportArchive.log"), archivePath: "products", exportPath: "products", exportOptionsPlistPath: exportOptionsPath)


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