SwiftUI Flows

A cross-Apple-platform library enabling the native SwiftUI for presenting multiple:

  • Full-screens
  • Sheet-styled modals
  • –°ustom-sized models
  • Popovers

Why SwiftUIFlows?

  • Extract navigation from the Views
  • Do it declaratively, no need to introduce tedious flags @State private var isPresentingMyScreen = false anymore
  • Yes, finally you can show up to 9 modals in the view and present/dismiss them at any time
  • Writing Flows is so simple they will actually take considerably less time to implement at scale because you don’t need to write callbacks and dismissals yourself
  • Customizable popups


  • Structured concurrency
  • Lightweight, no dependencies, made with KISS in mind
  • Works on Mac/iOS
  • Native Fullscreen based on ZStack (much better than out-of-the-box ones)
  • Native Popups based on ZStack
  • Endless possibilities for customization

Simple FlowBuilder Example:

@MainActor class ExampleFlow: FlowBuilder {
    func presentExample1() async {
        await presentPopup(Example1View(showDismiss: true, flow: self))

    func presentExample2() async {
        await presentFullScreen(Example2View(showDismiss: true, flow: self))

    func presentExample3() async {
        await presentPopup(Example3View(showDismiss: true, flow: self))

Usage Example:

Task {
    try? await Task.sleep(for: .seconds(1))
    await flow.presentExample1() // popup
    await flow.presentExample2() // full-screen
    await flow.presentExample3() // another popup

More Avdanced FlowBuilder Example:

import SwiftUIFlows

@MainActor class RootFlow: FlowBuilder {
    func showVerified(viewModel: AuthVM) async {
        await presentFullScreen(
            VerifiedView(viewModel: viewModel, completion: { [weak self] in
    func showAnythingYouWant(view: AnyView) async {
        await presentFullScreen(
                .onAppear {
                    Task {
                        try? await Task.sleep(for: .seconds(2))


  • Turn on/off animations
  • Test thoroughly

Example Project: (currently developing a full showcase) https://github.com/lonkly/SwiftUI-Flows-Examples


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