SwiftyRedis is a high level async redis library for Swift. It is partially rewritten and heavily inspired by the redis-rs rust crate. It provides convenient access to all Redis functionality through a very flexible but low-level API. It has a customizable type conversion protocol so that any operation can return results in just the type you are expecting. This makes for a very pleasant development experience.


I personally use xcode and vs-code for this project but i think any other IDE will also do as long as the swift compiler is installed.


Do to the fact that redis offers 240 (stand july 2022) commands i wrote a small python script which generates the corresponding functions for us. The script automatically pulls the latest updates from the redis github repo and parses the json files specifying every command, located under src/commands, into a Swift implementation.

To rerun the auto-generation execute the generate-commands.py script located in the Sources/Autogen directory. The resulting Swift files will be located in the Sources/SwiftyRedis/Autogen/Commands directory. This should automatically implement new commands that were not present at this point in time.

If anything goes wrong and the script doesn’t implement a commands correctly, you can specify the name of the function in the commands_to_ignore.json file located in the Sources/Autogen directory. Important to note is that you must specify the function name that would be generated not the name of the command, this is for eas of development purposes so you don’t have to lookup the actual command name.

Currently the following commands have some issues which i am working on to fix.


There is also a formatting_config.json located in the Sources/Autogen directory. This file holds a configuration which is passed to swift-format which is is responsible for formatting the generated Swift files.


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