A keyboard switching program for the command line.

Code is from this stackoverflow question


  • requires xcode command line tools
  • run make
  • copy build/kbswitch to place in path


  • kbswitch list list all available inputs
  • kbswitch com.apple.keylayout.ABC for English (macos Ventura)
  • kbswitch com.apple.inputmethod.Kotoeri.RomajiTyping.Japanese for Japanese (macos Ventura)


There is an objective-c version kbswitch.m that can be compiled with clang -framework Carbon -framework Foundation filename.m -o filename. However, this doesn’t necessarily work as is because it requires com.apple.keylayout prepended to the keyboard layout.

Switch to English keyboard in Vim

If you want to switch from (other language) to English when going from insert mode to normal mode in vim/neovim, add this to your config:

inoremap <ESC> <ESC>:execute 'silent! !kbswitch com.apple.keylayout.ABC'<CR>:echon ''<CR>

Note that the exectuble must be in your $PATH.


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