VK Photo Test

Test assignment for an iOS Trainee position.


  • Write an application consisting of several screens
  • User needs to register and to login to the application
  • After authentication the user gets to the screen with photos from the device gallery
  • Add screeen with the app users list. The list should have profile image and username
  • Add logout option

Technical Requirements

  • Error handling and display to the user
  • Free for of the UI
  • Language% Swift / Objecttive-C
  • Users must be saved locally between application runs
  • If user is logged in, the app should not offer him/her to login
  • UI code layout. No xib and storyboards are allowed
  • Third-party libraries are not recommened


  • When you click on the photo, it opens in full size
  • Possibiility to edit the photo in the gallery (crop, filter, drawer etc.). Edited photo can be saved on the device
  • Possibility to show photos from the Internet
  • You can choose local album in the gallery
  • Add a visibility area when setting on the avatar. Add face recognition on this area, so that the visibility area is set automatically
  • Final profile omage is to be set on the device


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