The Gleap Moya plugin intercepts all requests and forwards them to the Gleap SDK.


Swift Package Manager

To get started, open your Xcode project and select File > Add packages…

Now you need to paste the following package URL to the search bar in the top right corner. Hit enter to confirm the search.

Package URL:

Now select the Gleap package and hit Add package to add the Gleap SDK to your project.

Manual installation

Simply copy the GleapMoyaPlugin.swift (Sources/GleapMoyaPlugin) from this repository into your project. In addition to that make sure to install Gleap & Moya.

Using the plugin

After installing the plugin, you can use it by simply declaring it during the initialization of your Moya provider:

let provider = MoyaProvider<SampleType>(plugins: [GleapMoyaPlugin()])

Find more information on Gleap here:

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Gleap Documentation


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