The HTML DSL with the aim of writing static web (generating HTML & CSS script) with solely Swift.


Selected Features

Write HTML the way you write SwiftUI

The swift code can be easily learned with the auto-completions that Xcode provides. It should be extremely familair to these who know SwiftUI.

Image(source: "image.heic")
    .frame(width: 200, height: 400)
    .longDescription("An example image")
    .onTapGesture(in: CGRect(x: 10, y: 20, width: 100, height: 200), href: "book.html", alternativeText: "Book")
    .onTapGesture(in: CGRect(x: 90, y: 26, width: 120, height: 219), href: "pan.html",  alternativeText: "Pan")

The code above is translated to:

<img src="image.heic" height=400 width=200 longdesc="An example image" usemap="#6BAE6065685D4BD099E89186996A9828">
<map name="6BAE6065685D4BD099E89186996A9828">
    <area href="pan.html" alt="Pan" coords="90, 26, 120, 219">
    <area href="book.html" alt="Book" coords="10, 20, 100, 200">

Structured inline text components

Similar to the Regex Builder, the attribued text is achived by using a structure.

Text {
    Group {


        LinkedText(href: "123") {
            "Tap me!"

Hello! Tap me!

Custom the style of your block

This is a linear example, the SwiftUI-like example is below

let renderer = Renderer()
var style = StyleSheet()
style.borderStyle = .mixed(top: .none, right: .none, bottom: .none, left: .solid)
style.borderCornerRadius = 10
style.borderColor = .blue
style.backgroundColor = .blue.opacity(0.2)
style.padding = .init(left: 5, right: 5, top: 5, bottom: 5)

let text = Text("123456")


Note that the style can be used repeatedly without generating duplicated code for the same style, as only the id is linked to the block.

The converted HTML code:

    <!DOCTYPE html>
                .iE0341D48_3F93_4E0A_BF79_5B806FC5A640 {
                    border-color: rgb(58, 129, 246);
                    border-style: none none none solid;
                    border-radius: 10;
                    padding: 5px 5px 5px 5px;
                    background-color: rgba(58, 129, 246, 0.20000000298023224);
            <p class=iE0341D48_3F93_4E0A_BF79_5B806FC5A640>123456</p>


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