This library introduces a close equivalent to Java’s PeriodDuration, motivated by the lack of support for this standard in Foundation.

PeriodDuration is based off of a previous library I worked on, however it goes beyond simple serialization by introducing dedicated types with full ISO 8601 compliant Codable support.


Available types: Period, Duration and PeriodDuration.


ISO 8601 defines a “Period” as a combination of years, months, and days elapsed. Periods do not include hours, minutes or seconds.

Period(years: 3, months: 1, days: 5) // = "P3Y1M5D"


ISO 8601 defines a “Duration” as a combination of hours, minutes or seconds elapsed. Durations do not include years, months, and days.

Duration(hours: 2, minutes: 5, seconds: 0) // = "PT2H5M0S"


PeriodDuration is a combinations of years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds elapsed. As a type, it holds both a Period and a Duration instance within it to represent all of these values.

PeriodDuration(years: 3, months: 1, days: 5, hours: 2, minutes: 5, seconds: 0) // = "P3Y1M5DT2H5M0S"

Conversion to DateComponents

All three types provided allow for easy conversion into the built-in DateComponents type in Foundation.

let dateComponents: DateComponents = Period(years: 3, months: 1, days: 5).asDateComponents

This allows for a number of handy things. Namely: