iOS Architect Crash Course • August 2nd-8th •

It’s time to put your skills to the test!

This is the project used in the iOS Architect Crash Course lectures.

Watch the lectures and implement what you learned into this project.

This exercise aims to get you used to the refactoring flow backed by fast and reliable tests.

We’ve provided you with appropriate tests to guide and validate your solution. You need to perform the refactorings as shown in the lectures without breaking any tests.


  1. Open the iACC.xcodeproj project on Xcode 12.5 or 12.5.1.

    • Older Xcode versions are not supported.
    • Beta Xcode versions are not supported.
  2. Throughout the refactoring, run all tests with CMD+U after changing the code.

  3. Commit every time you make a change, and the tests are passing. This way, you have a working state to revert to if needed.

    • If a test fails, a behavior of the system is broken. Revert your changes to the previous commit with all tests passing and try again.
  4. The project should build without warnings.

  5. The code should be carefully organized and easy to read (e.g., indentation must be consistent).

Happy coding!


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