The starting file for the 360iDev “It’s Widget Time” workshop.


This is a workshop to introduce you to adding widgets to your apps.

I’ll assume you know Swift and Have some familiarity with SwiftUI. The View will be made ahead of time, but we will be modifying them in the course. We’ll be using Beta 5 of Xcode. Depending on timing, we may get to a few new features in iOS 15.

Here’s the plan for the workshop:

  • Look at widgets from a user perspective
  • A quick look at widget sizes, design, and layout
  • Make a small widget from a SwiftUI view
  • Add medium and large widgets
  • Add a timeline to the widgets
  • User configuration of widgets with a switch(Bool)
  • User configuration of widgets with multiple choice(enum)

Looking forward to showing all of you the coolness of widgets.