this is the swift version of my ASOC “scutilUtil” application. An interesting learning excercise.

Literally, this was me wanting to do some actual work on seeing the real differences between swift and ASOC.

Oh…MYGOD…I was so spoiled by ASOC. Like so spoiled. If you want to see the differences, look at for how shockingly easy ASOC makes things. It’s kind of huge, like you don’t really appreciate “do shell script” until you have to do the swift version of that, and oh god, if you need sudo…I feel for you. HARD.

Anyway, it was interesting, and I do have a better grasp of swift. Also doing a .NET version with Xamarin in Visual Studio code. I realized the swift version would make that way easier since it has most of the same frameworks, just slightly differernt.



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