365 day of code

This repository has been opened for 365 days to code iOS with Swift.


Plan edit on 04 october 2021

That means more markdown files.

Start Date Finish Date Day Title Side Studies
01/01/2022 09/04/2022 100 Swift And UIKit Unit tests
10/04/2022 19/07/2022 100 SwiftUI Side project without bonded to tutorial
20/07/2022 01/01/2023 165 Project examples and more practice (Difficult section) UI coding tutorials with md


  • Deviation from sources
  • Do not rush
  • Learn new things
  • And never give up

Readme Rules

  • Description
  • Code Example
  • Comment of Code


  • Starting a job as an iOS developer by June
  • Specialize in iOS as much as possible


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