Titanium InAppPush iOS Module

iOS 12+

Info for 1.0.0

Send Push notifications from device or also simulator to an other device (app) P2P push over Apple Push Services — no own push server needed!

  • User A with app YOURAPP can send push notification to user B of the same YOUAPP
  • User A needs to know the deviceToken of user B, than user A can send push directly to user B
  • also silent push is possible – the app of user B will then wakeup and can perform some processing or download content in the timeframe Apple allows (about 30 seconds)

MacCatalyst compatible Based on: https://github.com/nevermore-imba/RPush



inital setup for the module




  • deviceToken:STRINGdeviceToken of user B (or user you want to send push to)
  • payloadType:STRINGalert‘ or ‘background‘ or ‘voip‘ or ‘complication‘ or ‘fileprovider‘ or ‘location
  • payload:Objectthe payload JSON object -> see example
  • callback:JSFunctionoptional, function that will be called after push send


/* at the start somewhere in your app

		keyId:'XXXXXXXXXX', // keyId of your P8 file
		teamId:'YYYYYYYYYY', // your Apple Developer teamId
		bundleId:'your.app.bundleid', // the bundleId of your app
		environment:'development', // 'development' (sandbox) or 'production'
		p8FilePath:Ti.Filesystem.resourcesDirectory+'AuthKey_XXXXXXXXXX.p8' // your p8 authKeyFile -> https://developer.apple.com/account/resources/authkeys/list

/* when you send a message to the user or whenever you want to send push to the other user

              deviceToken : '000dc4dc79b05c81ec286d000f023f9ae0dd55780503d033dd9dd7f6ad000000', // deviceToken of user B
              payloadType : 'alert', // 'alert' or 'background' or 'voip' or 'complication' or 'fileprovider' or 'location'
              payload : {
                'aps' : {
                  'alert' : 'Push test!', // message -- for silent push, if you want to show notification -> use local notification, because silent push does not trigger a visible notifiction
                  // 'content-available' : 1, // for background silent-push
                  'sound' : 'default', // 'default' or path to sound file
                  'badge' : 1 // integer for updating the app-icon badge counter
              callback : function(){} // optional, function that will be called after push send or error




Marc Bender


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