Upscaler app for macOS based on realesrgan and realsr

FreeScaler is a free and open source tool used to upscale low resolution images using advanced AI models.

EASY It’s a very simple tool, you just need to import a PNG or JPEG image, choose your favorite model and scale, and you’re done. An intuitive interface allows you to efficiently compare the original and the upscaled image.

PRIVACY FIRST FreeScaler respects your privacy: no data or usage statistics is collected, no ads, no need to upload your images to a remote server. Everything is kept on your device.

FREE FreeScaler is a free and open source app based on open source tools realesrgan and realsr. FreeScaler app bundle includes pre-built binaries for both tools. Source code for these tools is available here:

DESIGNED FOR macOS FreeScaler is a Cocoa/Swift app and is available exclusively on macOS. All components run natively on both Apple Silicon and Intel Macs.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS FreeScaler requires a Mac with at least 8GB RAM running macOS Big Sur 11.3 or newer Supported GPUs: Apple Silicon, AMD, nVidia Intel GPU are not supported.



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