What is CombineValidate?

Useful satellite for validation user inputs proposes for any SwiftUI architectures. (MVVM as basic reference)


  • SwiftUI native
  • Combine under the hood
  • Fully customizable
  • Validate simple fields for non empty values
  • Validate fields by predefined or your own regular expressions
  • Try input by multiple regex expressions and emerge up the result what is the regex got fired
  • Pass your own error messages
  • Localize error messages with custom localization table names
  • Use the wide validation extension library
  • Extend the set of validation possibilities as you want


Basic usage

CombineValidateExtended library

Useful set of validation publishers and regular expressions library.
Validation for

  • any kind of credit card numbers
  • urls
  • hash tags
  • numbers
  • passwords
  • much more


The CombineValidate dependes on the Combine reactive framework.
Minimal requirements:

  • iOS 13
  • MacOS Catalina


Package installation occurs via SPM.
Add package in your Xcode as dependency


Look at here and explore documentation.


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