BoringSSL example

Using boring crate from iOS application.

  1. Checkout

    git clone [email protected]:ilammy/boring-example.git
    cd boring-example
    git submodule init
    git submodule update
  2. Install Rust toolchains for iOS

    rustup target add aarch64-apple-ios      # iOS devices
    rustup target add aarch64-apple-ios-sim  # iOS Simulator (for M1)
    rustup target add x86_64-apple-ios       # iOS Simulator (for Intel)
  3. Build boring-example

    cd boring-example
    cargo build --release --target aarch64-apple-ios
    cargo build --release --target x86_64-apple-ios
  4. Tweak Xcode project
    • rustc cannot build fat binaries.
      You will need some jockeying to configure the project to link against the proper libboring_example.a.
      Currently it’s configured for x86_64-apple-ios.
  5. Build & run
    • You should see some SHA-256 computed on the screen.


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