? Cozy pod install

Using pod install in a more convenient way ☕️

? Automagically adding prefix bundle exec if Gemfile is found
? Handling Bundler missing gems error → bundle install
? Handling CocoaPods out-of-date source repos error → pod repo update
✨ Output fancy log and animations
? Playing bell sound in the end
? Swiftish!

That utility helps me a lot. I wonder if there is somebody who finds it useful too.
It’s the Swift version of my older repository ? PodsInstall
You can read ? more in my blog.

Quick start with Mint ?

brew install mint
mint install swiftyfinch/pods

# Now on Mint 0.17.0 you'll need to add ~/.mint/bin to your $PATH
# For example, add this to your ~/.zshrc file and relaunch terminal
export PATH=$HOME/.mint/bin:$PATH

Watch ? installation demo
It’s from my other project, but the idea is the pretty same.

How to use ?

Run in your project directory instead of pod install:

pods install

# or just

# or in quiet mode (like in demo video)
pods -q


Vyacheslav Khorkov
Twitter: @SwiftyFinch
Blog: swiftyfinch.github.io
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