Vapor Client Rate Limiter

Library for throttling requests to third party APIs to ensure you don’t exceed a rate limit. Designed to be used when your application scales across multiple instances. Requires Postgres as it uses database locks to queue requests across instances.


Setup in configure.swift

let clientRateLimiterConfig = RateLimiterConfig(maxRequestsPerSecond: 5, timeout: 60)
app.clientRateLimiters.use {
    ClientRateLimiter(byteBufferAllocator: $0.allocator, logger: $0.logger, client: $0.client, db: $0.db, config: clientRateLimiterConfig)

Add the migrations for storing the data:


You can configure the maximum number of requests per second to send and a timeout for requests if you’re under heavy load. Then, route requests through the clientRateLimiter:

let response = try await req.clientRateLimiter.get("")


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