XIV on Mac


Wine Wrapper, Setup tool and alternative launcher for FFXIV on MacOS.

“XIV on Mac” application is an alternative BETTER method of running
FFXIV on MacOS. Our application gives better performance vs Square Enix’s native MacOS launcher and Codeweavers Crossover. This project is 100% open source.


  • User friendly setup
  • XIV Launcher Support w/ Dalamud Plugin injection
  • Mod support: ACT, Gshade, Dalamud and more!
  • Performance enhancments; Better FPS vs Native Mac launcher & Crossover, updated DXVK/MoltenVK libraries, PCAP support for ACT etc.
  • User Support in our Discord.
  • Wine is build using https://github.com/marzent/winecx
*FPS may vary based on hardware, but in most cases FPS should be better!

Visit our website www.xivmac.com for details about our team and the project!
You can read our depreciated Crossover setup guide here.

Our current staff:

Marzent (Head Developer, Technical Support)
Seathasky (Project Manager, Support)
FleetAdmiralButter (Web Developer, Support)

FINAL FANTASY is a registered trademark of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd.


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