1. Install pods via command pod install

Buid system

  1. Open File -> Workpace settings
  2. Select Legacy Build System
  3. Check Do not show a diagnostics issue about buid system deprication.


  1. Register your app in Firebase.
  2. Upload GoogleService-Info.plist to the tourismtemplate folder.
  3. Change Bundle Identifier in General -> Identity.


  1. Set MGLMapboxAccessToken
  2. Change Bundle display name


  1. Set maps-api-key
  2. Set beacon-major
  3. Set custom-webclient (contact Xamoom support)
  4. Set custom-webclient-host (contact Xamoom support)
  5. Set tracking_id in format UA-******** (Google Analytics)
  6. Set urls if you need to access to specific urls only.
  7. Set non-internal-urls, if you want to block custom urls.
  8. Set is_background_image = true, if you want to use background image for tabbar and navigation bar.
  9. Set enable_quiz_feature = true, if you want to use quiz app feature (contact Xamoom support).


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